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Prosigns lead the way and become the first company in Europe to purchase the latest innovation from IKE. The Spike IKE-SP02 will help us measure your building to get you the signage you desire.

With Spike, we can now can quickly measure signs by capturing the width, height and area of a space simply by taking a photo from our smartphone or tablet. We can measure existing signs for replacement or maintenance or measure new areas on buildings new signage. The innovative new technology was a must have for us here at Prosigns. This enables us to conduct our surveys quickly and efficiently to give our clients a faster turnaround time. We are always on the lookout for new technology that can improve the day to day operations of the fast paced business we work in, so when we discovered the Spike IKE-SP02 it was a no brainer for us.

Spike is perfect during the initial site survey stages . We can make site surveys and estimates an easier, quicker and more efficient process by easily measuring the dimensions of a sign or location for a new sign without ladders or scaffolding. Using the Spike IKE-SP02 and our smartphones measurements are recorded with the photo and can be exported so they can easily be shared with our clients and submitted straight to our artwork department. These photos can also be used to create design proofs, add photo verification to our quotations and assist in completing permit applications.

Watch how this innovative technology will help us transform your business here: