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Flat Panel Signs

What are Flat Panel Signs?

Flat Panel Signs can turn almost any surface into a marketing message for your business. Flat panel signs are a fantastic way to make use of walls, fences and railings work for your business and allow your clients a summary of your services in an effective Manner . Flat Panel Signs can be installed almost anywhere, externally or internally and are commonly used for housebuilders to make their surroundings deliver their message.

Flat Panel Sign Shapes & Sizes?

Flat Panel signs are single sided and are fixed onto walls, fences and railings. We manufacture and install our flat panel signs to any specification our customers desire, whether that be landscape or portrait. Flat panel signs can be manufactured to any size and can have extreme impact from passers by.

Who Uses Flat Panel Signs?

Flat Panel signs are most commonly used in the housebuilder industry to catch the attention of passers by for new developments and to provide customers with information. Other uses for Flat Panel signs include:

  • Company Headquarters
  • Retail Parks
  • Leisure Areas
  • Office Premises
  • Site Developments

Where can I get Flat Panel Signs?

If you are looking for Flat Panel signs you can get in touch with Prosigns on 0800 633 5515 or email info@prosigns.org.uk for more information. Prosigns are providers of Flat Panel signs and an array of other types of signage across the UK, predominantly:

  • Glasgow
  • Edinburgh
  • Inverness
  • Stirling
  • Dundee
  • Perth
  • Ayrshire
  • The Borders
  • Newcastle
  • Carlisle
  • Manchester
  • Yorkshire
  • Liverpool
  • Leeds